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Berks nature Berks nature
Berks Nature works with landowners to permanently protect land from development, townships and boroughs on zoning issues, residents county-wide to improve water resources.
Greater Reading Hiking or WalkingHorseback RidingGeocaching
Evansburg State Park Evansburg State Park
The 3,300 acres of Evansburg State Park are a wonderful place to enjoy fishing, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, and a variety of other outdoor activities.
Skippack Valley Hiking or WalkingHorseback RidingRunning & JoggingPicnickingBird WatchingKid Friendly ActivitiesHuntingHandicap AccessibleFishingMountain BikingCross Country SkiingGeocaching Add
Fairmount Park Fairmount Park
With over 9,200 acres, it claims 10% of the land in Philadelphia (City and County). Fairmount Park has been called "one of the largest urban parks in the country"
Philadelphia Hiking or WalkingBikingHorseback RidingRunning & JoggingPicnickingBird WatchingKid Friendly ActivitiesDriving & Walking ToursHandicap AccessibleFishingMountain BikingOrienteeringFrisbee GolfGeocaching Add
Fort Washington State Park Fort Washington State Park
Rich in modern recreational facilities and historical significance, Fort Washington blossoms with flowering dogwood in the spring. The park takes its name from the temporary fort built by George Washington’s troops in the fall of 1777, before heading to Valley Forge. The park is popular with birders, hikers and picnickers.
Skippack Valley CampingHiking or WalkingBikingPicnickingBird WatchingKid Friendly ActivitiesHandicap AccessibleFishingCross Country SkiingFrisbee GolfGeocaching Add
French Creek State Park French Creek State Park
French Creek State Park is over 7,500 acres of lush woodlands with miles of hiking trails, two lakes, and several campgrounds on the border of Chester and Berks Counties.
French & Pickering Valleys CampingHiking or WalkingBikingPaddlingHorseback RidingRunning & JoggingPicnickingBird WatchingKid Friendly ActivitiesSwimmingHuntingHandicap AccessibleFishingMountain BikingOrienteeringFrisbee GolfGeocaching Add
Green Lane Park Green Lane Park
Green Lane Park covers more than 3400 acres along the Perkiomen Creek in northeastern Montogomery County and provides a variety of recreational and environmental education opportunities including horseback riding, camping, and miles of hiking trails.
Perkiomen Valley CampingHiking or WalkingBikingPaddlingHorseback RidingRunning & JoggingPicnickingBird WatchingGeocaching Add
Locust Lake State Park Locust Lake State Park
Known for its popular camping area, Locust Lake State Park nestles on the side of Locust Mountain.
Coal Country CampingHiking or WalkingBikingPaddlingRunning & JoggingPicnickingBird WatchingSwimmingHuntingGeocaching Add
Morlatton Village Morlatton Village
Morlatton Village is Berks County's first settlement site along the Schuylkill River at Douglassville.
Oley Valley Kid Friendly ActivitiesHandicap AccessibleGeocaching Add
Norristown Farm Park Norristown Farm Park
The Norristown Farm Park is a 690 acre park outside the Borough of Norristown where visitors can experience a working farm and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, jogging, fishing.
Skippack Valley Hiking or WalkingBikingRunning & JoggingPicnickingBird WatchingKid Friendly ActivitiesHandicap AccessibleFishingMountain BikingGeocaching Add
Tuscarora State Park Tuscarora State Park
The 1,618-acre park is home to the Park Office and Visitor Center for Tuscarora and Locust Lake state parks.
Coal Country CampingHiking or WalkingBikingPaddlingPicnickingBird WatchingSwimmingHuntingFishingGeocaching Add