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The Schuylkill by J. Bennett Nolan


First published in 1951, J. Bennett Nolan’s The Schuylkill treats the reader to a fast-paced sojourn down the river valley that, time and again, guided the course of American history. From the mountain headwaters to the mouth of the “hidden river” at Philadelphia, Nolan chronicles the vast natural resources and three centuries of inventiveness, industriousness, eccentricities, courage and conflict that carved the corridor’s story. Rich in lore as well as historical notes and anecdotes, this sweeping tome offers a tale for virtually every turn of the serpentine 128-mile river and its tributaries.

This reprint presents the complete, unedited text of the first edition. Readers will find that even the few “modern” comparisons that the author made a half century ago, today add a quint, occasionally haunting dimension to the historical perspective.

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