Water Trail Alert:

CAUTION: A tree has fallen into the river left opening of the Titus Wing Dam (at River Mile 71.3), causing a hazardous strainer situation in this strong current.  Until this hazard is removed, DO NOT attempt to run this chute! Portage on river right around the dam.   (February 22, 2023)

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Unsolved History: The Molly McGuire Files Auto Tour


For two decades, violence in Pennsylvania’s anthracite region pointed to one thing – the Molly Maguires. Some claimed they were a secret society bent on murder and sabotage. Others claimed they never existed. The debate continues today. The Molly Maguire story is not just a legendary story about killings, beatings and hangings. It was an era that drove people to these actions … an account of real people who lived the hard life of Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal fields. Discover for yourself the mysteries and controversy as you drive the Molly Maguire Auto Tour.

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