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Please enjoy these free resources for virtual learning. Learn about the Schuylkill River Heritage Area and Watershed. Lessons will include map reading, environmental education and even do-it-yourself projects. For information about our regularly scheduled education programs, please visit

Free Resources for Parents & Schools During COVID-19 Pandemic

With schools being closed and “shelter-in-place” orders in effect, Schuylkill River Greenways is here to provide fun tools for education that can be done from anywhere, including at home.

Online Videos

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Learn what a watershed is and what happens when the rain falls from the sky onto one. Click the image to the left to view the video or CLICK HERE



In this video, you will learn how to build a simple model of a landscape to mimic a watershed. See how watersheds channel rainfall and how pollution impacts water health. Printed instructions included. Click the image to the left to view the video or CLICK HERE

Schuylkill Explorers Program

Try These Do-It-Your Experiments & Activities!

What is the At-Home Schuylkill Explorers packet?

The At-Home Schuylkill Explorers packet is an entirely virtual version of the Schuylkill Explorers Kits. These activities educate families living within the Schuylkill River Watershed about the importance of watershed health in a fun way as well as give families a chance to grow a connection to nature in any environment.

The packet provides activities that encourage families to explore the great outdoors and expose young explorers to fun hobbies such as identifying wildlife and nature journaling. It also includes four fun science experiments which include topics like soil pH and environment model building. These allow explorers to feel like a real environmental scientist and watershed ecologist! Best of all, these worksheets are a great hands-on educational pastime for elementary and middle school students who are currently taking their classes online. Additionally, these experiments give youngsters an opportunity to learn outside of the home and classroom!

What is in this packet?

The Schuylkill Explorers packet includes 4 science experiment activities, 2 outdoor i-spy worksheets, a wildlife identification key and cards, and some fun indoor worksheets! The needed materials for the activities are everyday objects that can be found in your kitchen!

Click here to access: Activity 1- Plant Growth

Explorers learn the basics of how to grow seeds! You will need: seeds (any kind, just read what is on the package for any special instructions), soil, cups/pots or repurposed plastic bottles/jars/cartons/egg cartons, access to sunlight, water, and patience! More details inside!

Click here to access: Activity 2- Make your own Watershed

Explorers learn what a watershed is while they create their very own watershed model! You will need: plastic bags, paper, small household items, a cooking tray or something that will catch water and prevent a mess, water, kitchen condiments, paper towels, and your imagination! More details inside! 

Click here to access: Activity 3- Groundwater and Erosion

Explorers create a model of basic soil layers and soil erosion in action. You will need: ground coffee, sugar, water, food coloring/jell-o mix, and a cup to put the contents in. More details inside! 

Click here to access: Activity 4- pH of soil

Explorers learn about basic pH principals and how it connects to nature! You will need: water, baking soda, vinegar, soil, 2 cups, and something to stir with for each cup! More details inside!

Click here to access: Nature Survival Guide

Explorers must know the rules of the Great Outdoors! Here is a brief handbook on the basics of outdoor fun. 

Click here to access: Nature Journaling and Upcycling

It is said that those who spend more time in nature tend to be calmer and happier. Nature journaling is an easy way to take a break of the world and just focus on the environment around you. Learn more about it by clicking the link above!

Upcycling is the perfect activity for a dreary day! Click the link above for some fun ideas on what you can do with empty soda bottles and more!

Click here to access: Water Worksheets

Schuylkill River Greenways is proud to represent such an important watershed and to work to make it a clean resource for everyone. Click the link above to learn more about the importance of water!

Click here to access: Wildlife ID Key and  Wildlife ID Cards

Wildlife is everywhere around us, you just need to look! Learning about different kinds of wildlife in Pennsylvania is fun for the whole family and is more fun when the wildlife can be identified in their natural habitat! Click the link above for the dichotomous key: a tool used to identify wildlife by answering yes or no questions, and wildlife ID cards.

The wildlife material are arranged to be printed and cut out, so the formatting may look odd at first. 

At Home Activities

Help Pollinators: Make Your Own Native Flower Seed Balls

Seed balls are marble or gumball-sized balls made of clay, soil, and seeds that are used to replant areas where the natural flora has been destroyed. Once dry, the seed balls can be thrown in open fields and lots to help replant abandoned areas with native flowers that support pollinator species such as bees, butterflies, and birds. For instructions on how to make your own seed balls at home click the image to the left or the link below.

Make Your Own Flower Seed Ball Instructions