Sojourn Registration Includes

Three meals a day and water/Gatorade at water stops ~ Expert guides ~ Camping arrangements ~ Shuttle back to cars ~ Gear transported for multi-day participants ~ Educational programs and/or musical entertainment at all lunch and evening stops.

Click here for a daily food menu of the 2021 Sojourn

Click here for general information and policies

Click here for what to bring and wear

Daily Plan Sheets

Click the link below to view and download the 2021 Sojourn’s Daily Plan Sheets. These contain maps, check-in times, parking information and more for each day of the Sojourn. Sojourners will be provided with a booklet containing paper copies of the daily plan sheets during check in.

Click here for the Daily Plan Sheets

Kayak & Canoe Boat Rentals

Kayak rentals are handled by Take it Outdoors Adventures. Rentals range from $40 to $265 depending on how mays days of the sojourn you’ll need a boat rental. Life vests and paddles are included. Fees are paid directly to the outfitter. Please Click Here to rent a boat as soon as possible. You can also contact Take It Outdoors Adventures at the email or call 610-656-3969.

Sojourn Fees

Full Trip $585

Individual Days $117 per day

Members receive a 10% discount. All registrations received after July 16, 2021 will be charged a $10 late fee. No registrations accepted after July 23, 2021.