Betzwood Access

Upriver of Betzwood Access is a 3.4-mile stretch of river that is free of rapids and typically slow-moving at “Good” or lower water levels. However, higher water levels/flow will make paddling upstream* more difficult. Before heading out, check current water level at USGS gauge #01472000 (Pottstown): Min. 1.1 ft; Good 3.0 ft.

*NOTE: When paddling out-and-backs on moving water, even slow-moving water, it is recommended that you start out paddling upriver against the current, to test the effort needed. It’s always easier to paddle/float back downstream with the current to the landing.

Downriver of Betzwood Access is the 4.3-mile slackwater pool of Norristown Dam (RM 24.0). Check current water level at USGS gauge #01473500 (Norristown): Min. 7.9 ft; Good 7.9 ft.

For your safety, Pennsylvania law does not allow boat traffic between the buoy line and the Norristown Dam.

Launch permit required at Betzwood Access.