Upper Schuylkill Valley Park

For your safety, Pennsylvania law does not allow boat traffic between the buoy line and the Black Rock Dam.

The Upper Schuylkill Valley Park access is located about midway in the slackwater pool of Black Rock Dam (RM 36.6). The pool begins upstream of the Black Rock Railroad Bridge (RM 38.9). Expect fast-moving water skiing and personal watercraft here, especially on RR. Paddlers should avoid the middle of the river and stay alert, especially where bends and bridges obstruct your view.

If you venture upstream of the Cromby Generating Station (RM 39.6) you will feel the river’s downstream current. From there to the Royersford/Spring City Bridge (RM 42.1) the river is free of rapids and typically slow-moving at “Good” or lower water levels. But, higher water levels/flow will make paddling upstream* more difficult. Before heading out, check the water level at USGS gauge #01472000 (Pottstown): Min. 1.1 ft; Good 2.6 ft.

*NOTE: When paddling out-and-backs on moving water, even slow-moving water, it is recommended that you start out paddling upriver against the current, to test the effort needed. It’s always easier to paddle/float back downstream with the current to the landing.