♦︎♦︎ Big Reading Dam Rapid

CAUTION! Since October 2021, a large tree and rootball has been wedged in the wave train of this Class II rapid on the RL side of the island. Until this hazardous obstruction has been removed, consider running RR of the island.

CAUTION. Class II rapids. 40.310552, -75.896758

Always use caution and scout ahead when approaching problem areas.

At the site of the former Big Reading Dam of the Schuylkill Navigation system, a Class II rapid with a strong wave train sweeps along the RL side of the island in the middle of the river.

To avoid the rapid:
Run RR of island. When water levels are low, this side can be a bit shallow and rocky, sometimes even requiring wading, but it is less swift and hazardous than the wave train on the RL side of the island where a large tree, with its rootball facing upriver, is currently wedged.