♦︎♦︎ Auburn Dam

DANGER! 25-ft Dam. 40.608562, -76.106191

For your safety, Pennsylvania law does not allow boat traffic between the buoy line and dam. Always use caution and scout ahead when approaching problem areas.

Portage RL for 0.1 mile around this concrete gravity dam. From the take-out on RL (40.607522, -76.107229), follow the wooded path up the hill, around the left of the dam, and back down to the pool below the dam (40.608716, -76.106657). Look out for poison ivy near the put-in. Keep your distance from the boil of the dam when in the pool.

Action Map from “A Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Water Trail”

For more information about this take-out and put-in, see “Auburn Dam Portage Take-Out” and “Auburn Dam Portage Put-In” in the Water Trail Landings.