Bartram’s Garden (51st Street Launch)

Canoe launch. Street parking on 51st Street and Botanic Avenue. No amenities here.

Street Access: 39.936018,-75.207666
River Access: 39.935191, -75.206797

When compared to the carry from the Bartram’s Garden Welcome Center parking area through the hillside meadow to the Community Dock (350 yds), the approach to this put-in/take-out is relatively close (120 yds) and flat. And it is available when the Dock is closed for the season:

First, park along 51st Street or Botanic Avenue near Bartram Garden’s gated 51st Street Entrance. Then carry your boat on the paved bike trail to the railroad bridge. River access under this bridge is a bit rough, but workable, especially at high tide. (Remember, this is a tidal stretch of the Schuylkill!)

See Bartram’s Garden River Access Map.

For more-direct access to the Bartram’s Garden Welcome Center, historic gardens, Community Boathouse & Dock, and other park amenities, see the “Bartram’s Garden (Dock)” landing at RM 5.1, RR. 

Owner: City of Philadelphia

Services: Along Woodland Ave (1.0+ mile southwest) and more along Baltimore Ave (1.2 miles northwest).