♦︎ Logjam Ahead at Bridge

CAUTION: Logjam ahead on Schuylkill River Trail Bridge. 40.256190, -75.732105

Always use caution and scout ahead when approaching problem areas.

Go RR around this island to avoid a logjam and debris-covered piers on the RL side of the 11-arch Schuylkill River Trail Bridge, 0.1 mile ahead. At the bridge, use 2nd or 1st arch from RR.

NOTE: The Schuylkill River Greenways continues to put much effort and expense into keeping the RL side of this bridge clear of debris, but high-water events have created a recurring problem here. The RR side of the bridge tends to be less impacted by flooding. Therefore, we recommend a RR passage as the first option, even though the left side may be open.

Action Map from “A Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Water Trail”