♦︎ Racing Boat traffic

CAUTION. Be alert for rowers for the next 2.5 miles. 40.012710, -75.207537 to 39.968108, -75.187035

The pool behind Fairmount Dam unofficially begins at the mouth of the Wissahickon Creek, so small boat traffic of all types can be expected from here to near the dam. But the stretch between East Park Canoe House and Boathouse Row is world-famous for its high-caliber rowing training and competitions. Racing shells are moving at triple the speed of recreational kayaks or canoes and the rowers are facing backwards, with no view of what’s ahead of their boats. Be alert and give them a wide berth as soon as you spot them … for your safety and theirs.

Wissahickon Creek: RM 12.8 (40.012710, -75.207537)
East Park Canoe House: RM 10.9 (39.993249,-75.194388)
Boathouse Row: RM 8.6 (39.969111, -75.187013)
Fairmount Dam: RM 8.5 (39.967220, -75.186241)