♦︎ Upper Tidal Schuylkill

CAUTION. 6-ft tide changes. Limited access/egress. 39.966863, -75.185731 to 39.933215, -75.207693

From the base of Fairmount Dam to its confluence with the Delaware River, the Schuylkill River is a tidal waterway, with a normal rise and fall of about 6 feet, twice a day. On the banks of the Upper Tidal Schuylkill (between Fairmount Dam and Bartram’s Garden) is the commercial center of Philadelphia. The riverbanks here are completely walled to protect the city and those banks from tides and high water events. But, these barriers also limit opportunities for kayakers and canoeists to enter and exit the river.

The Schuylkill Banks dock under the Walnut Street Bridge and Bartram’s Garden’s  51st Street Access and Community Dock, 2.2 miles downriver, are the only public accesses in this 3.4-mile stretch. (NOTE: Both of these docks are seasonal).

When you paddle here, be aware of the significant tide changes and limited access and egress.

Water Levels: The Tidal Schuylkill is always paddleable, but we encourage you to check the tide table website (above) before venturing out.