♦︎♦︎ Kernsville Dam

DANGER! Dam. 40.573227, -76.001602

NOTE: By order of PA DEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection), this dam site is closed for all public use, except for portaging around the dam. No road access or parking is allowed.

Portage RR  around dam for 0.4 mile. Take-out at the former picnic/fishing area (40.575640,-76.006813). Turn left onto Kernsville Dam Road and follow to the Schuylkill River Project dredging buildings, boat ramp, and parking lot at the dam. Across the lot, a wooded path begins on the other side of the cable guardrail that leads to the put-in (40.572569, -76.001915). Follow that path to a Y. Bear left and follow to the pool below the dam.

NOTE: Because Pennsylvania law does not allow boat traffic between the buoy line and dam (which is officially 200 ft.), we cannot recommend using the existing boat ramp at the dam breast for public use. It is within the 200-ft. restricted area (see map below).

Action Map from “A Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Water Trail”

For more information about this take-out and put-in, see “Kernsville Dam Portage Take-Out” and “Kernsville Dam Portage Put-In” in the Water Trail Landings.