Lloyd Hall

Canoe launch. Portage take-out. Parking for 100+. Public Restrooms. Drinking water. Picnic area. Restaurant on premises (seasonal). Boat House Row. Schuylkill River Trail. Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many other cultural and historical attractions are nearby.

NOTE: Exiting the river here, at city-owned Lloyd Hall, is by appointment only: Call 215-685-3936 in advance to have the dock’s gate unlocked.

You must exit the river above Fairmount Dam. To continue downriver below Fairmount Dam from here, a vehicular portage of 1.5 miles and a 0.2-mile carry on city streets, steps, and ramps is necessary to re-enter the Tidal Schuylkill at the Schuylkill Banks dock (39.951710, -75.179451).

See “◊◊ Fairmount Dam” for additional portage and hazard information. See “Schuylkill Banks” for put-in information.

Google directions (for 2 Kelly Drive) take you to the intersection of Kelly Drive and Waterworks Drive. Time-limited street parking is available for Lloyd Hall on Waterworks Drive between Lloyd Hall and the Art Museum. See map above (use satellite view) and GPS coordinates below for the relative locations of Lloyd Hall’s dock and Waterworks Drive:
Street Access: 39.968912,-75.184670
River Access: 39.968867,-75.185810

Boathouse Row
Perhaps the Schuylkill River’s best-known site & sight, these historically- and architecturally-rich rowing clubhouses are the home of the “Schuylkill Navy.” The Schuylkill Navy, established in 1858, is the oldest amateur athletic governing body in the United States. This National Historic Landmark remains one of the major centers of amateur rowing in the United States. Collegians and Olympic hopefuls regularly train and race here on the Fairmount Pool of the Schuylkill River.

Owner: City of Philadelphia

Services: On and off Fairmount and Pennsylvania Avenues (0.4+ mile east).