West Park Access

Canoe launch. Portage take-out. Parking for 68+. Porta-potties. Drinking water. Picnic area. Dragon Boat dock. Adapted paddling launch. West Fairmount Park attractions.

Street Access: 39.980706,-75.204867
River Access: 39.981523,-75.204430

Owner: City of Philadelphia

You must exit the river above Fairmount Dam. To continue downriver below Fairmount Dam from here, a vehicular portage of 3.5 miles and a 0.2-mile carry on city streets, steps, and ramps is necessary to re-enter the Tidal Schuylkill at the Schuylkill Banks dock (39.951710, -75.179451).

See “◊◊ Fairmount Dam” for additional portage and hazard information. See “Schuylkill Banks” for put-in information.

Services: Many services on or off Lancaster Avenue (US-30) outside Fairmount Park (1.6+ miles southwest).