Is this trip right for you?

To make your time on the river as safe and enjoyable as possible, use the following information to help you choose and plan Schuylkill River Water Trail trips that suit your skills, interests, and time:
  • Difficulty Rating helps match your experience and skills to a particular section of the river.
  • Estimated Travel Time helps you plan a trip that comfortably fits your paddling endurance and the available amount of daylight.
  • Water Level Recommendations show “minimum” and “good” levels (measured at the appropriate USGS Gauge) to avoid the hazards of lower or higher levels/flow.
  • Water Trail Landings help you find public accesses where you can get on and off the river … and park.
  • Hazard Warnings, in the form of written navigation guidance and detailed maps, help you avoid or more-safely negotiate the river’s more-difficult features.
  • Portage Routes around large dams and other major hazards are shown in detail and fully explained.
  • River Narratives tell the personality of the river and its riverside surroundings.
Knowing your abilities and limits, proper preparation, and exercising caution and common sense can reduce risks and increase the quality of your experience. We encourage you to take advantage of all the information available here in this website … and also in A Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Trail,” a comprehensive, in-depth set of paddling-specific maps, safety advice, and even more information of value for the beginner or seasoned Schuylkill adventurer.